Posted by: Upāsaka | 05/06/2019

We Do It to Ourselves

IMG_20190506_120803_My great kalyanamitta, the Venerable Dhammadipa, sent me this message last night, probably because she’s had to read my whining posts. Anyway, despite how often I’ve mistakenly believed that there really is someone else to blame, the Lord Buddha has shown us the way out of suffering primarily by reminding us that all of this is our responsibility. In other words, we do it to ourselves.

I am my own kamma,
I am heir to my kamma,
I am born [in this life] from my kamma,
I am the kinsman of my kamma,
I am protected by my kamma.

Yaṃ kammaṃ karissāmi,
Whatever kamma·s I shall do,
kalyāṇaṃ vā pāpakaṃ vā,
whether for good or for evil,
tassa dāyādo bhavissāmī ti.
I shall become their heir.

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