Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 04/30/2019

Patience: The Supreme Incinerator

I’m not going to go into detail because to do so would be tiresome and counterproductive. Suffice it to say that my better nature prevailed throughout the tortuous course of the morning and, rather than indulge in a stream of vindictive deprecations, I shut up. I shut up and waited although, at the time, I want sure what I was waiting for.

Somewhere in there wisdom won out and I resisted saying or doing anything that I would regret later. Plus, there was a point when the anger and sense of indignation lost its bite and I was free of it; a truly enjoyable moment of repose.

Nothing external has changed. I was not able to redress the wrong without causing myself now harm so I have made other arrangements for my day and refuse to let ill-will live rent free in my heart.

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