Posted by: Upāsaka | 04/24/2019


Failed again. Broke my fast last night and failed to reach my goal of two hours of formal meditation yesterday. Woke up tired and sore but put myself through my formal sitting and chanting of refuges, precepts and aspirations anyway. I figure that it can’t be considered a decisive defeat unless I give up so I’m back at it.

And, although I feel unready to meet the challenges of the day, I’m throwing myself in with a 36 hour fast and a commitment to hit my formal practice goals.

When I think of the effort and striving of the arahants, bodhisattvas and Buddhas my own struggles pale in comparison.

May I never give up.

May I always seek to grow in love and wisdom.

May I always use adverse circumstance to train in the Dhamma.


  1. Good luck!

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