Posted by: Upāsaka | 04/10/2019

How to Meet Failure

How do I meet with failure? Do I push it away and throw everything I have been working towards in the garbage? The stakes are even higher and the sting so much deeper when the project at which you have failed is the purification of one’s own heart. Why is it so easy to forget all of the good done, habits made and noble aspirations? I see that, upon failing to transform adversity with a heart of compassion there is not solely a lack of goodwill but a corresponding fault of wisdom. And it’s this absence of wisdom that both forgets metta and posits a solid self of the worst possible kind.

So, how will I meet failure? With the humility to recognize I have millions of lifetimes to go to purify this heart and true concern for myself and all beings. I have done much good that has not been wasted and need now to sissy myself off and get on with it.

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