Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 04/03/2019

Big Dana

So I did it: I gave some gifts to a monk I consider to be one of my greatest teachers and whose practice never ceases to inspire me. The cost was pretty steep and I had to watch the mind constantly lest I were to fall prey to thoughts of greed and miserliness but I did it.

I’m grateful not only for the opportunity to give to such a bhikkhu but also for the lesson in perfecting generosity. I see I still have so far to go before I could ever hope to give my body and very life away if a thousand dollars required so much hand wringing.

May the merit of today’s dana be shared by all beings and may it be especially useful for alleviating the sufferings of those in the states of woe.



  2. Sadhu + Mudita May Nyom enjoy caganussati till accessing magga and path and many take his gift in joining the merits by rejoice.

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