Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 02/21/2019

To Be of Service

It may seem strange, it certainly does to me, that a person could formulate the intention to pursue sammasambodhi without really understanding that it would be a path of service as well as of wisdom. In fact, with so very far to go, and so much delusion, it seems like most of my practice at this point is one of service and cultivation of the brahmaviharas.

May I ever recall my intention to benefit beings and strive to learn and cultivate the Dhamma in this and all future lives. May I always be reborn in favorable training circumstances so that I may develop the paramis and may I never abandon beings.


  1. Beautiful prayer… and would be lovely if as an act of service you can include for those of us (your 560 “followers”/i.e. potential readers) less versed in this subject, some explanation of the terminology… yes we can look it up ourselves, as I have just now done, but it would be very sweet if you would provide a bit of lay-explanation (even in the form of small bracketed lay words/phrases)… I know it must be hard when you study it all the time to remember that even those interested in the path and perhaps even following it in their own way to some extent might not know the terminology or might have forgotten it…

    For others reading here, samma-sambodhi = “perfect enlightenment” according to

    I really do find your posts helpful though, as an insight into fellow human struggles, please forgive me if this feedback is unwanted

    • Thank you Nadine for your comment. If I truly want to be of service, it really would start with writing in a style that is more clear and simple or at least providing explanations of technical terms parenthetically. I really do appreciate your having pointed this out and your genuine feedback (and, yes, even criticism if you have it) is always wanted. Wishing you every good blessing!

      • Such a kind reply…. thank you❤️🙏 what a great example you set here. Your posts are honest and there is a lot of service in that as well. Thanks again 🙏🌷

      • Thank you. Every good blessing!

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