Posted by: Upāsaka | 01/02/2019

Daily Practice for the New Year

Some time ago I had made an asseveration that I would meditate for two hours everyday. Unfortunately that didn’t quite work out for me at that time. Bieber,with the help of some habit trackers and kids of experimentation I have now successfully managed to work in two hours of formal meditation even if it is not all at the same time. I intend to update my daily practice commitment page shortly but here is how I have been passing my days:

  • 30 Minutes Anapanasati
  • 30 Minutes Brahmaviharas
  • 15 Minutes Contemplating the Five Recollections
  • 15 minutes Tonglen
  • 30 Walking Meditation
  • 108 Prostrations to Lord Buddha
  • 108 Om Mani Padme Hum
  • 108 Om Maitri Mahamaitri Maitriye Svaha
  • 108 Namo Amitofo
  • 36 Recitations of Tonglen Aspiration
  • Cold Shower
  • 20 Minutes Dhamma Study (Samyutta Nikaya)
  • Brahmacariya
  • Radiate Metta as I fall asleep and while waking

Working with these practices I find my mind is much more compassionate and pliable. There’s still much to be done and I try have great struggles to overcome unskilfull desires but I’m in a much better place as a result of trying to maintain these commitments.


  1. I admire your discipline and perseverence.

    • Thank you my friend. I can’t take credit though. It really feels as if I have no other choice. Wishing you every good blessing!

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