Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 12/18/2018

Protecting Others

I experienced a strange turn of events this morning and the perception has stock with me all morning. Something happened, I don’t recall what, and my wife was angrily scolding me. It suddenly occurred to me that I should do whatever was possible and permissible to prevent her from further enraging herself and planting more seeds for an unfortunate rebirth. Funny thing is that in selling to protect her I’m also protective myself.

Two thoughts can’t command one’s attention simultaneously so if I’m focused and compassionately ending conflict target than silently nursing my wounds how much the better? I owe a great dent of gratitude to my wife who has helped me to deepen my parami practice and I owe it to her to try my best not to cause her harm. And, really, what will these lofty aspirations amount to of we cannot help those closest to us?

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