Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 12/03/2018


On this path on had to expect to fail both repeatedly and spectacularly. And yet, these failings always come as a surprise. One doesn’t seem to get used to the sting which is, in truth, a good thing.

This morning I was taken aback by my wife’s negative behavior and allowed myself to give in, if momentarily, top a mind of anger. After having spent the larger part of the day cleaning the house and making and cleaning up after meals for everyone so she could study I didn’t expect a thank you but I guess I thought she would cut me some slack. You see, in the mornings I often take my pajamas and fold them over the railing before my daughter wakes up. Sometimes it’s okay and others they very thrown on my altar, kicking up incense dust and knocking things about. This was one of those days.

But, what do I expect? Clearly I have created the conditions for this to happen and me speaking harshly and complaining does nothing to help me overcome them. It just feels so unfair at times but this is when I have to remember to patiently endure until the illusion evaporates. How many thrown pairs of shorts am I willing to pat for peace?

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