Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 11/14/2018

Miccha-sankappa: Wrong Resolve

“Of those, right view is the forerunner. And how is right view the forerunner? One discerns wrong resolve as wrong resolve, and right resolve as right resolve. This is one’s right view. And what is wrong resolve? Being resolved on sensuality, on ill will, on harmfulness. This is wrong resolve.”

I had a narrow escape today from committing a less than pure action. The fact that I’m able to justify it as not breaking a precept means that I can’t rely on the resolve to follow them as my line bulwark against akusala kamma. This is unfortunate and it’s something I’ve been struggling with for a number of years now.

Today, I was lucky or had the help of devas because i was unable to follow through with my plans. One again I narrowly escaped sin but I formulated wrong resolve and acted on the basis of wrong view nonetheless. May I reflect and learn. May I give thanks to all of my teachers and friends both seen and unseen.

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