Posted by: Upāsaka | 11/12/2018

Already Broken

I noticed today that my phone has a vertical line of dead pixels which I can only imagine is the result of my son accidentally throwing it down the stairs. Immediately upon seeing it there is the impulse to fix or replace it. There is the idea that “it shouldn’t be this way” and that I’ll now have to make sure with an imperfect phone. But, really, the phone was already broken and always imperfect. And, even if I can’t really see that yet with the eye of wisdom I can at least practice with this broken phone until I come to understand it more deeply.

May I be grateful to have the tools to turn a broken phone and mounting bills into object lessons about the faithlessness of samsara.

May I make a refuge for myself in the Dhamma and may I give up hope for samsara.

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