Posted by: Upāsaka | 10/17/2018

More Bad News – Happy Uposatha

When isn’t samsara full of bad news? I read yesterday that insect populations are plummeting worldwide and no one knows why. This only matters if beings want to eat. In other words, we’re possibly on the verge of ecological breakdown and global famine.

My first reaction to all of this was pure terror but it has morphed into an acceptance now. What can I do about it? Who can I blame and what good would it do anyway? Clearly we’re all going to die although it may happen on a larger scale and sooner than we had imagined.

My next reaction was to formulate a resolve to help. To do whatever I can to alleviate the suffering that will come to my family, strangers and friends. Right now that looks like practicing the Dhamma and developing the brahmaviharas. After failing to see results by focusing on the breath and buddho I’m going to change my focus back to the 4 Immeasurables while still keeping anapana as a secondary practice. To me it’s obvious that the hell on earth we may experience will require love and compassion as well as unshakable equanimity and these are things I have only ever come close to developing in daily life through appamaññā vihara practice.

May I not abandon those who are suffering until there is no longer the view of myself.

May I have the courage to practice for the good of all beings.

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