Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 09/24/2018

Happy Uposatha & the Coming Depression

Happy uposatha! Once more, the vicissitudes of life have returned to the focal point of my awareness as I happened upon an article last night on Reddit (despite having giving up most of my news and social media I still peruse Reddit) in which an economist talks about how the coming depression will be worse than the Great Depression and the 2008 Great Recession. I guess this is really where the rubber meets the road because I have found myself in a state of high anxiety about it — something which was worsened by my daughter who overheard my conversation with some friends and wanted reassurance that everything would be alright.

And of course it will and then won’t and then will again. This is samsara after all and it’s just maddening how the sting always seems to bury itself deeper or in a different part of the flesh of existence. It does help, though, to see the next, inevitable financial crisis in terms of the greater scheme of things and to realize that gain is filled with as much dukkha and impermanence as is its shadow.

As with physical death, financial ruin, poverty and its attendant sufferings will be painful but I hope to practice well enough to weather it without losing hold of the Dhamma and the Discipline.

May we all learn to be truly happy.

May we practice ardently, knowing the whole world to be aflame.

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