Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 08/28/2018

Saddha – Faith

I’ve been exploring the teachings on the indriya and iddhi bala and realize that I may have been taking the faculty of faith for granted. Rather than applying myself wholeheartedly to the practice I have been more or less of a dilettante precisely because I have lacked true conviction that the practice will bear fruit for me. You see, I believe in the efficacy of the Dhamma-vinaya when it comes to everyone else but for me…well, it seems to be a different story altogether.

It seems that before I can really make progress with the Four Elements I need to calm and tether the mind. I spent forty minutes this morning watching as the mind progressively strayed farther and farther from the breath but at this point I believe it isn’t the technique, rather it’s my own kamma. And, why should I be surprised really? If I had been a great meditator in past lives I most likely wouldn’t have been reborn in my present circumstances which are nonetheless blessed.

May I cultivate the causes for the development of wisdom and concentration with faith and zeal.

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