Posted by: Upāsaka | 08/05/2018

Eating & Body Maintenance

I’ve been experimenting with my fasting and fitness routine. I’ve gotten some feedback from others and decided to modify my routine as follows. After years of trying to get into the one sessioner’s practice of eating it looks as if I’ve finally broken through so there’s some more encouragement for sticking to it despite repeated failures.

Daily Fitness Routine

  • One Meal a Day between sunrise and noon.
  • 5 Minute Cold Shower Everyday
  • Wear weight vest at work until exhaustion (M-F)
  • 108 Push Ups throughout day until exhaustion
  • 108 Burpees throughout day until exhaustion
  • 108 Prostrations to Lord Buddha
  • 108 Second Plank Hold
  • 12500 Steps

May I recall that this body will soon lie dead like a block of wood and until then it is nothing more than a bag of skin filled with filth.


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