Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 07/31/2018

Fitness Goals and Asubha

gross sports injuries

I have become increasingly interested in improving the heath of this body to make it last for as long as possible (the only reason not to do so would be if I had attained the status of an arahant which is not in the cards anytime soon). As such, I wanted to lay out my routine but I’m finding it all quite sticky. As I pay more attention to this body and think about “improving” it I see the attachment and craving growing and wrapping their tentacles around my perceptions.

I’ll include my proposed fitness routine below but, as I was searching for some asubha resource to help trim back these tendrils of tanha I stumbled across a great site. Yes, it’s in Italian and I apologize for that but if you can’t read Italian like most people in the world I’m sure Google will do a fine job of it. Check out the link for some NSFW pictures of decomposition and good Dhamma.

Come praticare asubha—

Il desiderio del corpo non si limita alla sensualità, ma concerne anche l’attaccamento alla propria fisicità ed agli sforzi, anch’essi ossessivi quanto inutili, per cercare di sostenerlo, o di migliorarlo. Questo attaccamento è tanto più nocivo anche per il fatto che ci immerge di continuo nella credenza (ben errata) di un’esistenza propria ed inesatta del corpo e che quest’ultimo può condurre al benessere. Di fatto, esso rappresenta una fonte continua di sofferenze diverse; con il risultato che si prova una profonda estasi, si è liberi e leggeri come l’aria, ogni volta che giungiamo a degli stati, nei quali noi non sentiamo più il nostro organismo fisico, quand’esso viene “dimenticato”.

Daily Fitness Routine

  • Intermittent Fasting Daily (20:4 or more)
  • 5 Minute Cold Shower Everyday
  • Wear weight vest until exhaustion (M-F)
  • 8 Sets of Push Ups throughout day until exhaustion
  • 8 Sets of Sit Ups throughout day until exhaustion
  • 4 Sets of Ab Wheel throughout day until exhaustion (M-F)
  • 10000 Steps

May I recall that this body will soon lie dead like a block of wood and until then it is nothing more than a bag of skin filled with filth.


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