Posted by: Upāsaka | 07/12/2018

The Flames of Ragatanha – Happy Uposatha

Ācariya Mun then continued: “You see, this is the very nature of the world: one moment there’s affection, another moment there’s friction, anger, and hatred. Even though you know it to be wrong, it’s hard to correct. Have you ever seriously tried to correct this problem? If so, it shouldn’t happen very often. Even a minimum effort should be enough to keep it under control. Otherwise, it’s like eating three meals a day: in the morning you quarrel, in the afternoon you quarrel, and in the evening you quarrel –regularly around the clock. Some people even end up in divorce, allowing their children to become caught up in the conflagration as well. They are innocent, yet they too must bear the burden of that bad kamma. Everyone is affected by this blazing fire: friends and acquaintances keep their distance due to the shame of it all.

May we take the Ajahn’s words to heart and order our affairs as lay disciples to prevent ourselves from causing future harm to one another.

May the merit gained from this observance be shared with my parents, teachers, wife and children. May I never be separated from the Dhamma. May I always be reborn in favorable training circumstances. May I attain complete liberation for the benefit of myself and all beings.

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