Posted by: Upāsaka | 06/23/2018

Media and Political Fast Rules

  1. I will not logon to Facebook for personal use. I will not reactivate my personal Facebook account for a minimum of one year from today (until June 23rd, 2019).
  2. I will not seek out news either online or via radio or television.
  3. I will not participate in politics either by demonstrating or voting.
  4. I will not seek out nor engage in discussion about politics, presidents, kings, ministers of state;
  5. I will not seek out news about armies, alarms, and battles;
  6. I will abstain from media whose subject is food and drink; clothing, furniture, garlands, and scents;
  7. I will abstain from vehicles; villages, towns, cities, the countryside; women and heroes; the gossip of the street and celebrities.

My bhikkhu friend Ajahn Piyadhammo has suggested I make some hard and fast rules to make my purpose more clear and increase my chances of success. So, the above is a start. Wish me luck!

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