Posted by: Upāsaka | 06/06/2018


I have never really given up on using buddho as my parikamma or mantra despite experimenting with other methods. It is, in fact, usually the default practice I find myself switching to a I drift off to sleep or as I walk out of work. Recently, I have become more intensely interested in it perhaps as a result of gaining more familiarity with Pure Land practice and Avalokiteshvara sadhanas.

Whatever the reasons, I want to commit myself to three years of intensive practice with buddho so that, unless I’m specifically applying other practices as antidotes, the heart will be intimate with it even if total concentration isn’t possible.

Which brings me to this point: why have I failed in the past? It seems to me that my failures have been the result of two interrelated causes: perfectionism and impatience. Getting easily frustrated when I lose the thread has led me to completely abandon the practice in the past. And, during those times when I have managed to forgive myself, the apparent lack of progress has convinced me to give it up as well.

May this time be different. For three years may I take buddho as my kamatthana. May I practice with it variously and return to it faithfully regardless of how long I have been forgetful of it.

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