Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 04/11/2018

Mudita and Envy

Scrolling through Facebook I was struck by my instant sense of envy and jealously when I would come across posts of acquaintances in apparently fortunate circumstances. Beyond the fact that it is humbling to see just how far I still have to go it is also a blessing to be able to see that I need to quickly work to change these habitual reactions.

Strangely, the mind and all too willing to allow the defilement of petty envy to live unchallenged in its depths and isn’t shocked at all despite professing to be practicing for the benefit of all. Then too there is this sense of having been wounded and wronged by fate that can make it so hard to feel mudita for another person.

Why do they have money to buy a house? Why did their kid get accepted to that school? How can they afford to go on that vacation? These thoughts and others sap the heart of goodwill and destroy our merit.

May I never again allow envy to live unmolested in my heart.

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