Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 02/15/2018


At first it was hard. Hard to understand how to deal with my desires in a marriage where the other party was no longer interested. For a long while I sought answers within the mundane world abs found forums and articles about involuntary celibacy everywhere but all viewed it as a curse and a learning of their lives.

And yet, somewhere in my heart there was a voice that was softly whispering words of encouragement. The way of brahmacariya is both ancient and lauded by saints and contemplatives of many religions. In fact,all of the Lord Buddha’s married lay disciples lived in purity with one another as brother and sister.

I hope to take this fortunate circumstance and use it to propel me ever forward on the path and not to betray my determination even if my wife had a change of heart days, months or years down the road. That is the hard part but what better way to spend this life.

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