Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 02/07/2018

Sticks and Carrots

I tend to be someone with a preference for using the stick over the carrot but, in both child rearing and spiritual practice, there needs to be a balance. And, much like I’m beginning to learn as a parent, the stick should never be wielded in vengeance.

My moral lapse is still fresh in my mind and I can clearly see how three lack of the bodily feeling of remorse is a boon in and of itself. It feels literally as if my body were covered in some dark, viscous substance. I also notice that it’s hard to get the mind to relax into contentment outside of meditation. So, it seems that not keeping one’s precepts and practice commitments as pure as possible really does make for an agitated mind and body here and in the future.

I know that I cannot erase my misdeeds but may I use them to deepen my understanding of them so that I’m not fooled again.

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