Posted by: Upāsaka | 01/24/2018

Happy Uposatha – Precious Awareness

All day, every day I treat my mind and awareness with something close to contempt. Frittering away the finite series of moments that make up this life, I focus my awareness on fabrications that only lead further away from Nibbana and into more becoming.

Thinking about my indulgence in sense pleasures by means of my phone and electronic media I realized that I don’t value my awareness and attention enough to value it above distraction. In other words, I seem to be treating the one thing that can lift me out of dukkha with disdain. So, rather than spending this life in futile pursuit of pleasure, why not use my awareness and concentration to focus on phenomena in a skillful way that will bring about wisdom and insight? As it stands, I am despoiling and abusing the garland of moments that make up this precious human birth. May I make of this mind a chariot that conducts me to the Deathless and not make a mockery of this birth.

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