Posted by: Upāsaka | 01/17/2018


Like a cold draft blowing through a warm room or an unexpected thunder peal, the reality of death broke into my consciousness for seemingly no reason. Tender and unguarded, my heart was unable to mount resistance to the truth and it sunk deeply in.

Death will come. This body will lie cold and motionless one day soon. My children will be left to sort out their lives and my consciousness will fare on alone. Only my kamma will accompany me on the journey so why not make ready to let it all go?

Remember death when resentment arises: this task that you hate, how long will it last in comparison to the kilesa you’re feeding by allowing aversion to flourish and take root in your heart?

Remember death when lust arises: how brief the pleasure for which you will consign yourself to rebirth in lower realms and unfavorable training circumstances.

Remember death when you feel the desire to delude: how can a heart that had trained itself to twist perception ever know truth?

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