Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 01/04/2018


It’s funny just how seriously one takes bodily pain. I’ve had a muscle cramp in my back for almost a week and, in applying salves and patches, I seem to have irritated my skin. So now I have near constant pain from back ache and what feels like burns that are constantly ribbing against my shirt.

There’s no question that bearing with pain is tiring. It can also become a weight and burden on the mind, dragging it into darkness if not immediately countered. It is at times like this that it’s good to recall that this body is not me, not mine not my self. Bodies are subject to aging, sickness and death add this body is proceeding according to the Dhamma. For me, at this time, what is most important is to keep the mind bright and focused on the goal.

Today, being my birthday, happens to be particularly well suited to these reflections as I get too reflect on aging and sickness directly. May I make the best use of this life and may I put suffering to good use.

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