Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 11/19/2017

Of My Own Making

It bears repeating that my problems I have in relationship are quite literally of my own making. No, it isn’t “right” when someone berates and criticizes me and they will be their to that kamma but it is completely my own choice to accept the gifts given or to decline them.

I find that I’m better able to recall this and keep this to the fore when I have meditated and reflected before having to engage with quarrelsome and troubling people so why is it that I think extra sleep is the answer. It never has been yet. In fact, on day when I don’t rouse myself to do my morning puja and meditation my days are markedly worse.

May I sacrifice the sweetness of sleep for the peace of the Dhamma. May I recognize that there is no one to resent or blame except delusion, hatred and craving. May I recognize that my only true enemies are the kilesas.

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