Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 11/16/2017


Aging, sickness and death. These three are the only guarantees we have in this life upon being born. And my dear uncle seems more to be edging ever closer to his own death by way of complications from the treatment of his cancer. Every day I dedicate merit to him that he may recover. Almost daily I practice tonglen and chöd top relieve his suffering but he keeps getting worse. But, really, what do I expect?

We cannot hope to relieve anyone of their karmic burden so it would be silly of me to become disappointed or disenchanted by an apparent lack of results. He will go on just as he came here but I will send him off in the embrace of my love, care and concern.

May you use what time you have left in this life to practice kindness and may you always meet with spiritual teachers and cultivate your heart until you find true release. May you be well, happy and peaceful Uncle John.


  1. Best wishes to him from here too..It’s a great teaching for all around him…..if he would be able soft and kindly to breath in and especially to breath out peacefully…..that’s a big help.

    Metta from Sri Lanka

    • Thank you Ayya! He’s sedated and on a respirator so he doesn’t have conscious control over his body.

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