Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 10/24/2017

No Time to Lose

Last night I had the presence of mind and the fortitude to rise myself to do a half an hour of walking meditation and then about fifteen minutes of chanting before going off to bed. It was painful at first but I’m beginning ever more certain that there’s simply no time to lose. People can say what they will and downplay my fears but it’s becoming clearer to me that conditions suitable for formal proactive could disappear at any time. Yes, this has always been true regardless of larger, macro phenomena but it nite seems like the world as we know will soon be completely inhospitable to human civilization.

I won’t go on about this point though. What is important to me is that I make formal proactive a priorty, especially until I can find the time for an extended retreat again. What that looks like to me is a solid two hours of formal practice every day. This can be split up into prostrations, sitting meditation ave waking meditation but I’m going to ensure that this happens daily. When the time comes to face sickness and death I want to be as ready as possible. Also, it’s my deepest desire to attain stream entry in this life but there’s no forcing that. Just consistent practice on and off the cushion.

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