Posted by: Upāsaka | 10/10/2017

Phone Troubles

Now that I’ve taken definitive steps to combat what has apparently become an addiction it’s stunning just how invasive my attachment to my phone is. I constantly find myself reaching for it and even when I’m not physically searching for it it is on my mind. It feels exactly like the relationship I had with cigarettes. Can you imagine what would happen if I were to die with this quality of mind?

Like all of the other addictions I’ve ever experienced, there is something about it that clouds my mind. In other words, any time I lose my clarity my mind starts questioning the wisdom of giving this thing up or trying to curtail its use. Why can’t I just look something up? What’s wrong with checking something on FB? What if someone texted me?

Frankly, this is going to be much harder than I initially thought but, after seeing the intensity of my attachment, I’m even more committed to forming a healthier relationship with it.

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