Posted by: Upāsaka | 09/28/2017

Happy Uposatha – Perspective

Today is another uposatha day and who knows how many more I will live to see? Maybe 100? Definitely not 1000. Time here is short and it bears repeating as often as one can.

So, why is it that a sharp and twisted word can so easily dislodge one’s restraint? When faced with the chasm of eternity and the abyss of samsara, why is my wisdom so stunted that I can’t summon the strength to resist?

And yet, it often times feels like I’m living for the future. Like I’m bearing with it just to make it through. Is that really the case? And if it is, what can I do to change it? The Lord Buddha taught that it is better to bear small pains now in pursuit of long-term gains so it may very well be that this longing for ease now and feeling of desperation is nothing other than deep delusion.

May my faith in the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha guide me to the wisdom I cannot yet conceive and lead me to the security of the Deathless.

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