Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 09/13/2017

Happy Uposatha-Skeleton Meditation

Today is the uposatha so, naturally, I’m practicing brahmacariya today but I am also observing the practice of Ango and taking precepts with a Zen group. One thing I’m doing in addition to studying the precepts and sewing a rakusu is practicing brahmacariya for the entire 90 day period. As an aide on doing so, I intend to spend a portion of my day on skeleton meditation as described by Samahita Bhikkhu.

In this particular form if meditation one goes through the entire skeleton, bone by bone to help one clearly see the reality of the body. I realized last night and this morning that there are gaps in my knowledge so, despite the expense, I decided to buy a disarticulated skeleton so that I could study and feel the parts. No it’s not real (that would be too expensive) but it’s a life sized replica and I intend to use it daily to dispel my fascination with my own and other’s bodies.

I’ll post an update soon. Until then, be well.


  1. As a nurse, I’ve had the opportunity to study many bodies, skeletal and otherwise. I appreciate the freedom from grasping at a delusional concept of self whenever I practice “unpacking the body ” and placing its parts in front of me.

    • I recall when I was studying prerequisites for nursing all of the anatomy texts. I can only imagine how much more powerful seeing actual bodies on various states of distress would be.

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