Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 09/08/2017

Time to Serve

Lately it seems like I don’t have much time for formal practice. In fact, this morning I was only able to steal away for refuges, precepts, aspirations and 3 minutes of buddho with the breath. Despite the fact that I was initially wracked with guilt for having slept in I was able to catch myself before it snowballed. I was able to reflect on the fact that I could transform seemingly meaningless duties and chores into true acts of service and generosity.

Besides, what is there to be upset about when the skillful habit and chanda for Dhamma practice has been formed so strongly that I now dedicate whatever free time is available to it?

This is not to say that I’ll let me off the hook: it’s really Nibbana or bust. I reflected on the drawbacks of sleeping in and realize that the pain of lack of sleep pales in comparison to gifts of the Dhamma one received from practicing well.

May we strive on with ardor and determination and make an end to this mass of suffering for the benefit of all.

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