Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 09/01/2017

Flying Solo

In a cab on my way to the airport to visit my uncle in Atlanta who is undergoing cancer treatment. My latent fear of flying its testing its head, perhaps aided by the anxiety I feel about my uncle’s condition and the attachment I have to my kids. But, fear is worse than useless and attachment serves no purpose but to bind us yup the round of suffering.

The subject of kamma and its inevitability has been on my mind a lot lately, whether it had to do with the inexorable fact of death or the kamma that has lead us into certain relationships. All and all, reflecting on these things has been a great help and has allowed me to get out from under resentment that would have otherwise swamped me. In short, there are no innocents. All that befalls us ous a result of what we have done.

May I dispel anger and resentment and dispense with fear. May I use what time I have left in the service of the Dhamma and other beings.

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