Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 08/31/2017

It’s All Mine

Yesterday was rough and, truth be told, I let ill-will and resentment win the day. This morning I sat and dedicated almost the entire period to wishing that I be free from aversion and reflecting on the fact that, no matter what anyone else may do, all of my actions of body, speech and mind are my own. I will be the heir to my anger. I will suffer its results.

As I felt the poison drain from the wound there was an uplifting sense of freedom realizing that there’s no one to blame but myself (and, according to the view of anatta not even that). At this point all I can do is reflect on what happened yesterday, learn what lessons I cam and resolve to do better. Perhaps the biggest thing I can take from yesterday is that deep seated preferences and comfort seeking less straight into suffering when the delicate balance of samsaric conditions change. May I learn to be less attached to comfort and cultivate equanimity.

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