Posted by: Upāsaka | 08/28/2017

In the Interim

It seems to me that I’ve literally got lifetimes to go before I make significant progress on the path but, in the interim, karuna and metta feel like great places to rest the mind.

Walking through Union Square station I realized that I was reaching out to each person I saw with compassion not in order to prepare the mind for anything but because it was the best way to get through the morning commute.

Last night, our one year old had a bout of what the doctor described as night terrors which lasted for a few hours. The moments of helplessness reinforced the fact of how out of control life is and how little we can do beyond beating witness in those moments. Great teaching but a hard lesson. That’s why, this morning, as I trudge to work and stick to my commitment to fast until nightfall from food and drink, I’m grateful at least to have the honey of the brahmaviharas to sip upon.

May all beings enjoy happiness and the causes of happiness.

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