Posted by: Upāsaka | 08/22/2017

Stained Heart

Why is it that my heart first looks outside of itself when overcome with suffering? Why does my heart seek to blame another for its pain when the truth is that the true cause of its troubles is of its own making?

I’m finding myself caught up again in a cycle of blame and complaint which, though still internal, is building in intensity. It is so tempting to find fault with others, to bemoan one’s treatment but the truth remains that unkind words and deeds could find no purchase if the heart weren’t already stained.

May I constantly remind myself that my own is suffering is the result of my kamma, my choices and that it is up to me alone to train the heart and make a way out of it. May I never blame another for my unhappiness and may I be ever grateful for those who teach me patience and restraint.

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