Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 08/16/2017

Meat, Milk and Eggs

I’ve been an on again, off again vegan for years but I think the time has come when I need to commit more strongly to giving up meat, milk products and eggs. I’ve largely gone without eating meat for years but have had a much harder time giving up cheese. And yet, how can I live a life dedicated to compassion and non-harm with integrity if I’m willing to profit from the suffering of animals to do so?

I’m sure most people must realize that cows have to be forcefully impregnated in order to keep them lactating on a consistent basis. But, I order to ensure that we get all of their milk, their calves are taken from them at birth. What’s worse is that the males are immediately slaughtered while the females are pressed into a life of painful slavery. And, one they’re done being used they too go straight to the slaughter. Conditions for egg laying hens are notoriously atrocious as well so it goes without saying that I’ll be striking eggs from the menu too.

But, I’ve done this all before so how can I know I’ll be successful. I can’t. I hope to include an aspiration not to cause suffering through the pursuit of taste in my daily practice however. If I can just keep their suffering to the fore I know I’ll be able to resist my own cravings for sense pleasure. Sabbe satta sabba dukkha pamuccantu!

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