Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 08/14/2017

Discipline and Compassion

What to do with children, your own or in your sphere of influence, who consistently demonstrate a lack of respect for their elders? What to do when they engage in outright disrespectful speech and physical violence towards their caretakers? Thankfully, I'm not speaking about my own kids but others on our extended family with whom we interact on a somewhat regular basis.

In this case it seemed that the parent is unwilling to chastise the child and instead had decided to take issue with the adult. Frankly, out seems like the most compassionate thing to do is simply to withdraw from the situation and refuse to spend any more time with the family members until it an agreement is made that disrespectful speech from a cold to an adult will be swiftly condemned. I'm not suggesting that they be punished in any particular way, just that ours made clear that such behavior is unacceptable.

Am I wrong? Am I thinking clearly? I am dooming my best to cultivate a mind free of aversion for either of the parties here but it seems like such a dysfunctional situation is a breeding ground for kilesas.


  1. Asevana ca balanam. ..avoid the foolish..

    That.s a mahamangalam. ..a higher blessing..

    Wish you peaceful days!
    Theruwan saranai

    • Thank you Ayya. That was just what I needed!

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