Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 07/21/2017

Abhaya-cariya Aspirations

  1. May my speech be ever pleasant, never harsh, belittling or disparaging, even in disagreement. May I completely accept all criticism, knowing it is the result of my past kamma.
  2. May I protect and care for all living beings. May I be a shield to the vulnerable and a friend to the downtrodden.
  3. May I confess my shortcomings, forgive all wrongs and seek forgiveness for any harm I have done.
  4. May I welcome adversity with joy, recognizing it as an unparalleled means for training the heart. May I seek out and wholeheartedly engage with situations and people that I find difficult and troublesome.
  5. May I not complain about or find fault with any situation or person. May I bear heat, cold, hunger, insect bites and all pains as is befitting of a son of the Conqueror.
  6. May I give once a day as a practice of generosity, renunciation and compassion. May I give whatever is asked of me as long as it causes no harm.
  7. May I refrain from intentionally exposing myself to any media that inflame lust, hatred or delusion. May I restrain my gaze and allow it to fall only once upon any attractive forms.
  8. May I refrain from being alone with any marriageable woman who is not my partner.
  9. May I practice humility and modesty, concealing my virtues and practices from others.
  10. May I repay cruelty with kindness, miserliness with charity and ignorance with understanding.

Every morning I do my best to recite a form of the aspirations listed above as a way of refocusing my attention on areas of my life and practice that I feel need more work. As I also try to reflect on and adhere to these aspirations, my relationship to them changes as I see what works and what doesn’t. I believe the last time I comprehensively updated them was almost a year ago so maybe it’s time. I hope they’re of some use to anyone who happens upon them. Every good blessing to you!

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