Posted by: Upāsaka | 06/30/2017

Happy Uposatha – Resolve

One day in and I am nose to nose with dukkha. By constraining myself to the form of two hours of formal meditation daily, I’m able to see more clearly how the mind tries to bolt at the first opportunity. This morning was almost purely an exercise in resolve and a test of will but I was able to do it.

Was it perfect? No. In fact, for 15 minutes I felt compelled to meditate in the lion’s pose but I followed buddho with the breath to the best of my ability for the hour. The one thing that did occur to me was that I could either pick apart my effort when I was done or simply focus on the good aspects of the session and build from there. Today, I’ll choose the latter as I need no help in locating areas in need of improvement. Happy Uposatha!

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