Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 06/21/2017

Lacking Forgiveness

“Lacking forgiveness is the worst of deficiencies and hastening in vengeance is (among) the greatest (of all) sins.” — Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (ع)



  1. Some thoughts to share. .

    In meditation we learn to watch the mechanism of our mind..of our emotions.

    Before we get angry, even in the slightest form annoyed, there is always an expectation. .we need a sharp mind to see it..but it’s always the first thing …an expectation .

    Next step is : expectation meets reality..and it doesn’t fit because expectation is made from our thoughts, ideas, polluted from our likes and dislikes, fears, dreams and ignorance ..distorted.

    The clash of the not fitting expectation to reality creates in no time a pain inside. .and we react in two ways : one is – to blame our self..subtle or big up to self hatred, we blame ourself. the second way is to blame the outside. the weather, the traffic, the person, the circumstances etc.

    This pain very quickly becomes a chain of anger of hatred. .and we don’t understand where it started.

    But the start is always the same. .an expectation what meets reality. .and clashes. .

    If we know the mechanism we can stop the process ealier. We can send lot of Metta or compassion to ourself very early. .kindly understanding our expectation and that reality is something else…understanding our inner pain.. Also we can see it in others more clearly. .their expectations. .we can see the selfmade suffering. ..

    For that we need mindfulness ..

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