Posted by: Upāsaka | 04/25/2017


As part of my renewed commitment to overcome lust, I am working with the body and foulness contemplations more rigorously than I have been. I have found a video series of autopsies that has been particularly helpful in visualize the 32 parts of the body in the aspect of their foulness.

Anatomy for Beginners

Be forewarned that the video can be a little much for the unprepared. Happy uposatha!


  1. Hi. I will certainly not watch the video… Have you considered reflecting on impermanence? Those strong emotions (like lust and hunger) are overwhelming, but if you learn how to pause and just wait, you will learn that they come in waves. You will also learn the duration of that pause required. You may be surprised how short lived they are and how easy it is to overcome them. It requires a bit of practice, but believe me, it works. The more those emotions appear, the more opportunities you will have to practice. Good luck to you!

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