Posted by: Upāsaka Subhavi | 03/10/2017

Soured Gratitude 

By dint of some strange kamma I have several important people in my life who have done much for me in the past but have now decided to withdraw from my life. Obviously, I am the pusher of my kamma but it is hard not to fall prey to felons of hurt and resentment when people you once considered as brothers and mothers ghost you. 

I don’t have an answer really. I just know that to allow myself to surrender to aversion would be an affront to all that they have given me and an insult to the Dhamma. My plan is to keep acknowledging the hurt as it arises, cultivating compassion for myself and those who I feel have harmed me. We all want happiness, none of us wants to suffer and in our delusion we undertake any number of unskilled actions to get out from under the cruising weight of suffering. 

May I not cause any beings to suffer. May I too be free from suffering. 


  1. You are very right in your approach, dear friend in Dhamma. ..they are our real teachers and…patiently endured and embraced with Metta. .they help us to finish a previous Kamma. ..that’s a big help.

    Have a peaceful day
    Love to you and family

    • Thank you Ayya! Much metta to you!

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