Posted by: Upāsaka | 02/06/2017

Confronting the Defilements

There’s a verse from the Eight Verses for Transforming the Mind that covers the aspiration to strongly confront destructive mind states due to the harm they will cause both oneself and others. This morning, one of my employees with whom we have been having problems called out again for the second day in a row at the last minute. My first reaction was anger. I was tempted to just move on and allow it to fester there but perhaps prompted by the Eight Verses I took an alternate approach ave have decided to meet out head on and cultivate the antidote. 

How must this person be feeling to put their own job on the line? How angry, hurry and resentful must they be? And, alternatively, what if they ready are suddenly ill? What horrible kamma must be ripening for them now to get ill after having disrespected their employers the last day before they called out. 

I have decided to work with this aversion and ill will towards my employee until it is no longer a burning ember in my heart. Let’s see how it works out. 

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