Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 01/26/2017

Gaku Takanashi

Our dear friend Mr Gaku Takanashi passed away suddenly yesterday right before he was to give my son a guitar lesson. My daughter and mother-in-law saw him being wheeled out of the school on a  stretcher.

Life ends suddenly and often without warning. May we not waste it in vain pursuits.

My family is sponsoring a dana and chanting for him. If you are so inclined please dedicate the merit of your practice to him.


  1. I found it by searching Gaku’s news – too sudden. I am in Tokyo, Gaku and I have been school mate since our 1st grade to the high school. Many of ex-school mates are shocked and want to hear details.

    Rest in peace Gaku.

    Kiyo Chinzei

    • My condolences to you as well. They are holding a memorial service soon. I will post more details as they become available. Gaku was a very special person and will be missed. May he have a favorable rebirth. Metta.

  2. I just “met” Gaku or rather his music with International Orange a mere hour ago, and have watched and listened to whatever I could. in that brief time I now feel a loss, having just read of his passing. The first video I saw of him in the band I was immediately struck by his wide smile appreciating a cool lick by a fellow bandmember. That’s how I’ll remember him.

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