Posted by: Upāsaka | 01/03/2017

Fear in the New Year

The sense of fear is palpable today.

Likely due to the symbolism of the New Year, the reality that an apparently callous, immoral narcissist is poised to take the reins of our nation is sinking in. Speaking with people to whom I usually only say “hello” in passing, tears watered in eyes, nervous laughter trickled from lips and not one of us ready for the horrors that await us.

May all be free from grief and fear. May the powers too terrible to imagine be staid.


  1. Please, use what ever the Dhamma provides to calm the mind, to look to fear deeply with compassion and understanding. There is a sutta….Abhaya sutta…how i remember…AN 4…its dealing with fear very nicely…

    World is World…its like it is…not under our control….we can die any moment…any time…

    Forgiveness, love, gratefulness…there are lot of things we can do..

    To you and your family a peaceful and happy New Year from Sri Lanka

  2. Thank you Ayya! I’m so grateful for the Dhamma and kalyanamitta like yourself. I’m fortunate to have the Tisarana but the people I meet don’t have such a refuge.May we al be free from grief, suffering and pain!

  3. Here is a gift for the New Year:
    I just nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award, see my post for more information on what you need to do next:

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