Posted by: Upāsaka Subhavi | 12/22/2016

Adversity Practice 101

Things have gotten worse with the mother of my son’s classmate and she has taken what could’ve been a productive dialog and turned it into a mud slinging contest. No hint of goodwill, self-effacement or introspection to be found anywhere. She even ended our last email communication by threatening to file harassment charges if we contact her with our concerns again. Strangely enough, she had asked me to contact her directly if there were any issues again during in person meeting less than a month ago.

So, here we are. There’s plenty of reason and opportunity to feel indignant and angry but I refuse. This woman is not my enemy, of those I have only three: greed, hatred and delusion. I remain committed to protecting my son while guarding my heart from hatred and anger and I’ll be practicing as much as I can to give birth to wisdom and compassion in my heart.

May she and her family be well, happy and peaceful. May they have every success and blessing. I dedicate all of the merit of my practice and dedications to her and her family that they may heal their hearts and see through delusion.

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