Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 12/09/2016

Speaking Out

One more I find myself trying to negotiate my practice in the external world whole remaining true to the inner work of the Path. Perhaps I spend too much time on Facebook but it is one way to connect with friends and acquaintances worldwide. Unlike some of my friends who have selectively printed Trump supporters out of their feeds I’ve kept them and tried to add news sources that represent their views like Breitbart and Fox. And herein lies the challenge:

When I see people disseminating falsehoods (like a story about Muslims in Maryland being offended by Christmas) that can result in teal harm I just can’t remain silent. My task, it seems, it’s to have sympathy for their hatred and delusion and to call out untruths and harm where it is. All the while, doing the best to check my intentions and guard my heart. 

Well I be wrong? Certainly, and I will ask forgiveness for my errors but apathy and silence will not be my legacy. Sabbe satta sukhita hotu! 


  1. Always helpful : the reminder of The Buddha that we can.t find any being that has not been our father, our mother, brother, sister, children before…..if we like it or not…it includes all beings. They definitly had been beloved Moms or Dad.s of you and me 🙂 or they had been our children, like the three now….sweet and well cared…if we practise according to our capacities, if we are patient with our limitations…if we contamplate about the beginninglesness of the life…and that our own used bones piled up are bigger then the Rocky Mountains… may always bring us back to more equanimity….what again helps us to be more kind, more gentle,more friendly and compassionate with our self…..and from this inner source also with others.

    May we be able to take ourself not tooo serious
    May we be able to realize Truth
    May we be able to finish the roundabout

    The Buddha showed us the door out …. thats the most joyful news

    • Thank you Ayya! It’s always good to remember that teaching. May you be well!

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