Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 12/03/2016


The world is being overrun with greed, with lust for power, with pursuit of sense pleasures and we seen to have lost our way. Long gone are the days of Dhammarajas and we are now left with a president elect whose appetite for gain and praise knows no bounds. Time will tell if this republic can weather this tyrant but in the mean time I will voluntarily undertake a vote of relative poverty until this man serves out his term or is removed from office. 

May I never spend more than twenty dollars on myself each week. 

May I own at most seven of every style of clothing. 

May I eat only twice a day.

I will add more as time goes on but I hope to be able to give more and help more with any money I’m able to save. May we all avoid catastrophe and live I leave and safety. 

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