Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 11/28/2016

Taking a Moment

In more ways than obe I have never needed to take a moment to quietly survey my mind and heart than now. As much as I am driven to write about and think about the horrors being perpetrated against my country, the world, its ecosystems and its people I really do know that any hope of change begins here. 

That’s why this morning after I changed my refuges, precepts and aspirations I decided to take a minute or two to ask what was happening in the heart. Which defilement was dominating the mind? Quickly, I had decided that if it were delusion I would spend the time in anapanasati, if it were hatred then I would cultivate the brahmaviharas and if greed then I would do asubha meditations. In this way I felt I really wss preparing the mind as well add I could for the day ahead. This morning it happened that delusion (which manifested as a kind of neural, apathy in the mind) was the dominant defilement so I chose anapanasati. Toward the end I ran through some body contemplation as he’d had begun to bubble up. 

It may be an imperfect solution but when guerrilla practice is called for then I can think of nothing better for it. 

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